Basement Flooding in the Winter Months Before the Spring Thaw – Basements can flood in the winter.

Feb 12, 2014

During the winter months, homeowners who live in snowy, cold areas seldom think about what’s going on in their basements.  They probably never think about the potential for basement flooding.  In the winter, the ground is typically frozen and covered with several inches, or maybe feet, of snow.  Why would a homeowner think about basement flooding during the winter time considering the conditions outside?

The likelihood of basements flooding in the winter depends mostly on the weather patterns and of course, on the condition of a basement and the home’s foundation.  While it may not happen on a consistent basis, basements do flood during the winter.

Basements are more likely to flood in the winter if the ground is consistently frozen and the snow is deep.  When temperatures rise, the snow melts and melting snow can create rivers of flowing water.  This snowmelt can enter a basement and cause moisture problems and flooding in extreme cases.

The biggest factor in basements flooding during the winter is unusually heavy or persistent rainfall. When it rains in the winter, the rainwater has no where to go.  Rain, and water from other sources, travels along the path of least resistance. This path is often straight down towards a home’s basement and foundation, depending on the grade.  Homeowners with basements that have never had water problems can suddenly find themselves with a flooded basement.

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