Vertical Foundation Wall Crack Repairs in Southern NH and Eastern MA

For homeowners with basements, few things are as daunting to see as cracks in your walls – more specifically, vertical wall cracks. These types of cracks are common in basements across the country and should be addressed right away. It’s important to spot them immediately and call a professional like Rescon Basement Solutions for help. We can provide a professional solution to get your basement walls in excellent shape.

Causes Of Vertical Foundation Walls Cracks

You’re probably wondering how vertical cracks started to appear on your basement walls. They don’t just appear overnight. Below are some common reasons why they form.

  • Settling issues. More than 50 percent of homes are constructed on clay soil. Clay soil has shrinking and swelling issues which can cause cracks to develop.
  • Moisture absorption. Have you recently built a new home? Many people don’t realize that lumber and concrete will absorb water over time. As it shrinks, it can pull away from the foundation walls and cause cracks.
  • Plumbing leaks. Water leaking from underground plumbing pipes can cause cracks. As the water freezes, it expands, pushing against the walls and causing them to crack.
  • Improperly installed expansion joints. Expansion joints are used to allow for movement of the foundation walls. If the expansion joints are not installed properly, they may crack.
  • Heat. Some types of concrete are more susceptible to heat. If the foundation wall is built on top of a slab or slab foundation, it may be exposed to excessive heat and cause cracking.

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Foundation Wall Cracks Should Be Fixed Immediately

Cracks of any kind should be fixed right away, especially vertical ones. There are several reasons why they should be addressed as soon as you notice any sign of cracking.

First, a vertical crack in the foundation wall could signify that the wall is bowing, which could lead to more serious problems as time goes on.

A second concern is water infiltration. If water is getting into the foundation wall, that puts it at risk for mold growth. Mold can cause serious health problems for homeowners and their families.

A third concern is the structural integrity of your home. If cracks continue to grow, your home could become unsafe or unstable. You can also determine the urgency of a repair based on the thickness of the crack itself. If the crack is more prominent than 1/8 inch thick, it may need to be addressed immediately.

How Vertical Foundation Wall Cracks Are Repaired

Vertical wall cracks are typically related to how your home is settling. There are different methods that Rescon Basement Solutions can use to fix the issue.

  • Carbon fiber reinforcement. This is the most common type of repair for cracks. It involves inserting a carbon fiber tube into the crack, which reinforces it. This method doesn’t damage or remove any existing materials, so you can use a carbon fiber repair without worrying about harming the integrity of your basement.
  • Crack locks. These are put into the crack to prevent it from spreading. They can be used on vertical cracks in concrete walls and horizontal cracks in concrete floors.
  • Underpinning. If a crack is causing your basement to settle, you can have it underpinned. This involves concrete being poured along the outside of the foundation. This stops settlement from happening, and it also stops any potential damage to the structure of your home.

Always Choose A Professional For Wall Crack Repairs

It could be tempting to attempt a DIY project when it comes to fixing vertical wall cracks. The problem with that idea is twofold. First, the process of repairing a crack in the wall is extremely difficult and dangerous. It requires special equipment, experience, and training to do it right. Second, attempting to fix a wall crack yourself could end up causing more damage than actually trying to fix it.

Cracks in the walls are a problem that you need to have looked at by a professional. It is worth it to spend the money on the services of a licensed contractor, rather than risk causing more damage or injury to yourself or others.

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