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Basement Drainage and Waterproofing FAQs

Can you do this work in the wintertime?

Yes, the only thing we can’t do is the buried discharge line. We will return in the spring once the ground has thawed and bury this.

Do I have to remove my finished walls to install your drainage system?

To properly install our basement drainage system, you must remove at least the bottom 2-3’ of wall to expose the floor wall joint.
If you are installing this system and having a water issue, it is likely that there is already damage to the sill plate and to the bottom part of the wall; this should be removed anyway.

Does this system come with a warranty?

Our systems come with a limited-lifetime transferable warranty.

How do I prepare my home/basement for your crew?

We ask that you clear an area of 5 feet away from the walls or area where we are working. If need, we can help move heavy appliances that may be difficult for you to move. If you have any household items that are important to you, make sure they are covered. We use the wet saw cutting method to remove concrete and while this method dramatically decreases the amount of dust, it is inevitable that there will still be residual dust. In wintertime, we ask that you clear a path from the driveway or street to your bulkhead and or basement entrance. The cleared path should be a minimum of 3 ft. wide. Clearing this path will help us make sure our client’s homes stay as dry, clean and neat as possible during the installation process.

My concrete is dry and I notice cracking in it, is this normal?

Yes, it is normal for concrete to shrink as it dries and form small cracks. This will not affect the way the system functions.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an evaluation appointment or a project installation, please contact us as soon as possible. Cancellations made 14 days prior to your scheduled date will be refunded in full. Cancellations made within 14 days may be subject to cancellation fees.

What method do you use to remove the concrete?

We use wet saw cutting to remove the concrete. This gives the job a clean neat line and decreases the amount of dust created during the removal process.

When can we walk on or put things on the concrete?

Concrete reaches full strength in 28 days but here are our recommendations regarding when you can use the concrete

  • Foot Traffic – 24 hours
  • Light Storage – 72hours
  • Heavy Equipment – 7 days

Basement Sump Pump and Battery Back-Up FAQs

Do you service sump pumps installed by other companies?

Yes, we do. Rescon is not responsible for the equipment warranty or any issues with the discharge line installed by others.

How long does the battery back-up last for?

These batteries are meant to last up to 8hrs continuous. Our pumps do not run continuously, so the time will depend on how often your pump is pumping. If it isn’t going off too frequently, it may last longer and if it is pumping frequently, it may last less. We recommend that if you lose power frequently, it will be helpful to have two batteries.

My battery back-up system is alarming, what do I do?

First note which red lights are lit up. Then locate the gray square button at the top center of the unit. You need to press that quickly for 1 second. You need to press it hard enough to hear the pump cycle on and reset. If you have not heard the pump cycle on, you have not pressed it hard enough. If you hold the button too long (5 secs) it will only silence it for 24hrs and alarm again. If the alarm does not come back, you are all set, if the same alarm continues to come on, please call the office for service. Note: When the power is out, the alarm will continue to go off telling you that there is no a/c power, you can do the 24 hr silence until the power returns at which point you will need to reset it.

Why do I have to have my sump pump serviced annually?

The sump pump either as a part of a subfloor drainage system or by itself is a mechanical device and requires service. The pumps come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but if you continue to do service annually from the date of install, Rescon will extend the warranty for each year serviced.

Is there a discount for pre-paying for my annual service plan?

Yes, please see our service plan sheet for details of our 1-, 3-, and 5-year plans.

Basement Customers and History FAQs

Do you perform free basement evaluations?

Rescon does not charge homeowners for a basement evaluation. Our basement evaluations are zero cost and no-obligation.

Does Rescon work with Property Management companies?

Yes, Rescon works closely with several Property Management companies throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

How long does a basement evaluation take?

30-90 minutes: We like to ask for 30-90 minutes to properly assess any issue you may be having and to get an idea of what a finishing project will entail. We also want to be sure that that any and all of your questions are answered thoroughly.

If I need to cancel, what is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an evaluation appointment or project install for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible. Cancellations of projects made 14 days prior to your scheduled project start date will be refunded in full. Cancellations made within 14 days may be subject to cancellation fees. For more information regarding our cancellation policies and our terms and conditions, please visit our “Waterproofing T&C” and “Basement Finishing T&C” pages

How long has Rescon Basement Solutions been in business?

We have been in business since 1996 and are proud to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary this 2016.

Does Rescon offer financing for basement project work?

Yes, we offer financing for a variety of basement projects. Please speak to our client representative or your project manager about financing options.

What type of payments does Rescon accept?

We accept all forms of credit cards, check and cash.

Project and Equipment Warranty FAQs

Do you offer warranties on basement systems and other basement work?

Rescon does offer warranties on basement systems and certain types of work that we perform

Does my warranty transfer to a new homeowner if we sell our property?

Yes, Rescon warranties stay with the home for the life of the home.

What is the warranty on sump pumps – primary and battery back-up pumps?

The pumps come with manufacturer warranties ranging between 18mos to 5 years depending on the pump you choose.

Is there a warranty on the batteries?

The batteries come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Do crack injections come with a warranty?

Yes, crack injection work comes with a 10-year transferable warranty that you will receive when full payment is processed.

Basement Foundation and Crack Repair FAQs

Can you inject stone or block foundation walls?

No, we use a high-pressure injection system that is not recommended for these types of structures.

Do you or can you inject floor cracks?

No, but we can use a technique called routing and sealing. This process is designed more for aesthetic purposes and not for waterproofing. If you are getting water up through floor cracks, you most likely have a problem with hydrostatic pressure from the water under the floor and will need a drainage system.

There are little straw things sticking up from the crack injection site, can I remove these?

The straws you are seeing are injection ports used to inject the material into the wall crack. After 48 hours these can be removed using a hammer and a chisel or flat head screw drive. They can just be knocked out without it affecting the injection in any way.

What material do you use for wall crack injections?

We use either epoxy or urethane grout depending on the situation.

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