How To Reduce Your Basement Humidity Levels

Jul 07, 2022

When it comes to keeping your home clean and healthy, homeowners take many steps to do so. From scrubbing the floors to taking out the trash, we do things every day to allow our homes to be a sanitary environment for us and our loved ones. However, something that is often an oversight that can play a huge role in your home’s health and safety is the air quality in your basement. More specifically, the humidity level of your basement

But why does basement humidity level matter, and how can I help reduce the humidity? 

Why Humid Basements are Unsafe

Simply put, basements will usually have higher humidity than the rest of your home due to them typically being “damp environments.” Humidity is the measurement of how much water vapor is in the air. The more water vapor in the air, the higher the moisture and humidity levels are. But why is that necessarily a bad thing?

Excess humidity in your home can promote the growth of unwanted bacteria, mold, and mildew. Being exposed to these contaminants for long periods of time can lead to serious health problems in all people, both young and old. They are especially dangerous around individuals with respiratory problems or asthma as exposure to mold and mildew extenuate those issues.

How to Tell Your Basement Humidity Level

With how dangerous your home can be when you are not adequately dealing with humidity, it is recommended you have your levels checked regularly. There are a variety of ways you can check the humidity levels in your basement. You could purchase a thermometer that reads humidity, but those are not always the most reliable option.

We recommend working with a professional and trusted team to find an accurate reading for your basement. At Rescon Basement Solutions, we have been taking care of homes in the local area for more than two decades. Over the years, we have garnered all the experience necessary to help homeowners with any humidity or basement issues they need assistance with!

When to Check Basement Humidity Levels

If you have never had your basement’s humidity levels checked, we recommend having that done as soon as possible. However, the best time to check basement humidity levels is in the summer when it is the hottest and the air is the most humid. You can expect humidity levels to drop as the air cools off in the winter.

Ways to Lower Basement Humidity Levels

Now that you are well aware of the dangers of high humidity in your basement, you need to know how to combat this. Luckily, there are several things you can do as homeowners to bring down your basement’s high humidity levels.


As the name suggests, a dehumidifier is a device that helps to bring down the overall humidity levels of a space. These can vary significantly in price, size, and power capacity. This means that if you are unfamiliar with dehumidifiers, we recommend calling our team, and we can walk you through which option is best for you and your home’s needs!

Upgrade Your Ventilation and Insulation

You will often see higher humidity levels in basements with not enough ventilation. To help combat this, you can start by simply opening a window and letting in fresh air! More fresh air in your basement will help lower the humidity levels and subsequently help keep mold and mildew from growing and causing problems.

Call A Professional Team

At the end of the day, we realize that our customers have busy and important lives. If you put your family’s health and safety first but do not have the time to look into the intricacies of lowering your basement’s humidity level, leave it to us! We are one of the most trusted names in basement solutions in the Northeast and would love to take care of your basement for you!

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Between our highly trained technicians and customer service team, we can help you with any problem you may have! If you are ready to say goodbye to high humidity levels causing your basement to be a health risk, contact us today!

Basement Humidity

Mar 03, 2014

Basement Humidity Affects the Whole House

Basement Humidity Basement humidity is a very common but unseen problem in almost every below-grade basement. High moisture levels in the air can lead to an increase in allergen levels, mold/mildew growth, pest activity and may even cause permanent damage to your home and personal belongings.

If you smell that damp, musty odor in your basement, what you are smelling is the out-gassing of fungi such as mold /mildew actively growing. Surfaces like wood, cloth, cardboard, sheetrock, even plastic are all food sources for fungi. Add moisture from humidity levels above 60% and you have a perfect environment for the growth of dust mites and mold.

Dehumidification is the most popular method for basement humidity control taken by homeowners today to help mitigate the effects of excessive air moisture. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not using the proper equipment to reduce moisture levels and fix the problem.

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