Basement Photo Friday – A Cheerful DIY Basement Laundry Room

May 16, 2014
Basement Laundry Room via HarborBreezeHome.com

laundryroom1aIn many homes, you find that the basement is a typical place for a laundry room.

For many homeowners. their basement laundry facilities are dark and scary, with appliances wedged against a wall, in between pipes and cobwebs and creepy-crawlies.

The goal of remodeling and finishing a basement is often to rid the home of an ugly, scary and uninspiring laundry area. And let’s face it, doing laundry is as uninspiring as it gets;  creating a laundry space that is brighter and happier will make the chore of washing clothes a bit lighter.

This laundry room is bright, cheery and crisp and clean.  Doing laundry here would not be a depressing event at all.  In fact, you may want to sit up on the counters with a cup of tea or coffee and good book and wait for the clothes to be finished.

At Rescon Basement Solutions, we can create your own dreamy laundry room or provide you with thermal basement wall panels for your own DIY laundry room project.

DIY Basement Laundry Room and Image via HarborBreezeHome.com