Basement Photo Friday: A Half-Bath Powder Room in a Small Space Under the Stairs

Aug 14, 2015



In the past, we have posted a few ideas showing you how you can turn empty space under the stairs into a useful and functioning area.  Today, we bring you a whole new way to make the most of under-the-stairs space; create a half-bath (a.k.a a powder room, loo or water-closet).

As you can see in the image, the portion of usable space under this stairway was small indeed.  The folks at Norwood Interiors in Leeds, England note that “A new loo need not take up a lot of space thanks to recent innovations such as ‘the Combi Unit’ an amalgamated sink and toilet unit measuring only 50cm (1ft 8”) which can be easily and quietly tucked away, even under the stairs.”

This idea is just brilliant!

Here are a few additional half-bath ideas for you: