Basement Photo Friday – For Home Buyers, A Basement Sketch to Show You Where to Look for Rust, an ominous sign.

May 15, 2015

Spring is quickly moving into Summer time and this is prime season for house hunting.  We are beginning a series of posts about basement clues to the integrity and health of the whole home.  Many of these basement health clues and issues are easily spotted upon walking into the basement but other clues are more subtle.

As a preview, take a look at the sketch to the right, created by the home inspection agency Carson-Dunlop-Assoc-BasementLeakCarson Dunlop Associates.  This sketch shows homeowners and prospective home buyers where to look for rust as an indicator of basement leaks or high moisture levels.  To begin, take note of the following clues and issues involving rust in the basement:

  • Rust stains at drywall nails or screws
  • Rusted or stained carpet tack strips
  • Heavy rust especially at the base of steel Lally columns or on steel beams (see our photo, below).
  • Rusted metal screws, nails, and structural connectors connected to the foundation wall
  • Rusted feet on a basement-located oil tank
  • Rust or water stains on the bottom of heating equipment that rests on or close to floor level, or if you see that heating equipment has been installed on concrete blocks to lift it above floor level that may also indicate a concern for a history of leaks and water entry.

Check back next week as we post more basement clues and information for home buyers.

Courtesy  Inspecta-Pedia