Basement Photo Friday – Please, Don’t Try This at Home!

Mar 20, 2015
Do Not Do This At Home!
Do Not Do This At Home!

The bucket pump image shown is an example of an open sump pump channel system that some general contractors and DIYers install.  This “5 gallon bucket sump” is not the best solution nor is it the healthiest solution for waterproofing and drying out a basement.

If you find your basement is in need of interior waterproofing, it is important that the system that you have installed is a closed channel system.  Many installers will install an “open system” that does pump out a bit of water but, it will leave more moisture and humidity behind; and these systems also leave behind the possibility of escaping soil gasses such as radon.

Another danger to having an open system in your basement is that children or pets could be injured if they are playing near the system.