Basement Photo Friday – Splashing Around Your Basement

Jul 24, 2015


What’s splashing in your basement?  Basements are our business and we love to dry them out and remodel and/or finish them for our clients.  Taking a damp and musty basement space and drying it, waterproofing it and making it a safe and healthy space for the family is a truly satisfying experience.

When it comes to water in the basement, looking at images of swimming pools in the basement is something that really captures our imagination.  It’s not often we encounter a basement that should have water in it!  We spend our time drying a basement while others spend their time filling it with water; but if a basement must have water, this is the best way to have it.

As we continue to find wonderful examples of basement swimming pools for your viewing pleasure, we will add them to our Pinterest board.  Stop by and take a look at all the other ideas too!  There are Man Caves, Playrooms, Under Stairs Spaces and many more.  When you’re ready to have your basement space taken care of, don’t forget to call us!

What are You waiting for?