Basement Photo Friday – What a transformation!

Feb 13, 2015

We recently completed a basement project that has literally changed the lives of the homeowners.  As you can see in the “Before” image on the left, this basement was dirty (literally) and damp and very musty.  The homeowners never went into the dank basement and feared the unhealthy state of the air would eventually cause respiratory issues for their little ones.

Our skilled waterproofing crews went in and completely waterproofed the space with an interior drainage system and sump pump system.  We also installed vapor barrier and a dehumidification system along with a concrete floor pour.  As you can see, this basement is now dry and healthy with clean breathable air.

The homeowners are ecstatic about their new basement and the fact that it is no longer damp and dank and that the air is healthy; they no longer have to worry about the air causing issues and being unbreathable.



  Isn’t it time to love your basement?