Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Questions and Answers

Apr 04, 2014

Because the rainy season is fast upon us and the snow is finally melting away, homeowners who have sump pumps are beginning to ask about sump pump issues.  Because a sump pump is a mechanical device, we recommend annual service to ensure that the sump pump is running and working properly. Please be sure to call in as soon as possible if you need to schedule service.

If you currently have a battery back-up sump pump system, here are two very important answers to two of the most asked questions.

How long does the battery for a battery backup system last?

These batteries are meant to last up to 8hrs continuous.  Our pumps do not run continuously, so the time will depend on how often your pump is pumping.  If it isn’t going off too frequently, it may last longer and if it is pumping frequently, it may last less.  We recommend that if you lose power frequently, it will be helpful to have two batteries.

The Alarm on my Sump Pump Battery Backup system is going off, what do I do?

  • First note which red lights are lit up.
  • Then locate the gray square button at the top center of the unit. You need to press that quickly for 1 second.  You need to press it hard enough to hear the pump cycle on and reset.
  • If you have not heard the pump cycle on, you have not pressed it hard enough.
If you hold the button too long (5 secs) it will only silence it for 24hrs and alarm again.
If the alarm does not come back, you are all set, if the same alarm continues to come on, please call the office for service.
Note: When the power is out, the alarm will continue to go off telling you that there is no a/c power, you can do the 24 hr silence until the power returns at which point you will need to reset  it.