How To Tell If Your Bulkhead Door Needs to Be Repaired Or Replaced

Jul 07, 2022

Bulkhead doors are a common sight in the Northeast, with many homes in the area already benefiting from the ease of access they create. Because we understand the critical role they play in so many homeowners’ lives, we found it essential to share what we know about maintaining, repairing, and replacing bulkhead doors!

What is a Bulkhead Door?

Before diving into the best ways to know if you need to replace your current bulkhead door versus buying a completely new one, let’s go over what a bulkhead door is. A bulkhead door, or cellar door,  is a structure that provides access to your basement from the outside of your home. The size and features of bulkhead doors greatly depend on the manufacturer and your home’s specific needs.

What are Bulkhead Doors Used For?

Since a bulkhead door is essentially an additional entrance/exit to your basement, the uses of a bulkhead door are almost limitless! We often see our clients use a bulkhead door as a way to transport large pieces of furniture or equipment into their basement. Or simply as a way to get directly to your basement without having to trudge through your clean home. 

It is also a great addition to your home if you live in a high flood area as it makes transporting items from your basement to the ground level much easier and more convenient. This can save you money in the long run and consistently provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that you would be safe in the event of a natural disaster is priceless.

When To Repair or Replace 

Knowing exactly when your bulkhead door can no longer get by with repairs and need to be replaced completely can be a difficult thing to tell. If you had your bulkhead door installed by a quality team with well-trained technicians, such as Rescon Basement Solutions, you will be able to get more years out of your bulkhead door.

While no one ever wants to take on the financial challenges that come with a complete replacement, it may be necessary in some cases. We believe the best time to have your bulkhead door replaced is when you can see any structural damage; if you can see it with an untrained eye, it needs to be replaced. Pay attention to areas like the hinges and door handle, and look for signs of rust or corrosion, as these are good indicators that something is no longer working optimally. If you have a wooden bulkhead door, things like rot or warping on the doors or stairs are typically indicators.

Having a structurally damaged bulkhead door on the outside of your home can end up costing you. From burglary to water damage, a bulkhead door that is not in working condition could mean trouble.

If you are not trained or familiar with bulkhead doors, we suggest reaching out to an experienced team who can point you in the right direction. At Rescon Basement Solutions, we have dealt with bulkhead door repairs and installations for over two decades. If you are looking for a team you can trust, contact us today!

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