Scary Basement Tavern on Photo Friday

This month on the Blog, we will be doing Halloween themed Basement Photo Friday posts.  This first post is a tavern in a small basement. Open daily since 1375, this old medieval basement tavern is located in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The Tavern Brabant is said to partially lie somewhere under …

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It’s Basement Photo Friday! Let there be Light!

Lighting in a basement living space is one of the biggest design considerations when remodeling or finishing a basement.  Forget about those old large, rectangular fluorescent lights, modern and stylish lighting is a better way to light up your basement. A quick and relatively simple …

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It’s Basement Photo Friday! Light up the stairs

Have you ever thought about the stairs in your home?  Whether they are the stairs that lead up to the second level or third level of your home or the stairs that lead down to your basement living area, stairs get little design attention.  It …

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