Cellar Doors and Bulkheads are on Basement Photo Friday Today

Sep 18, 2015


If your bulkhead or cellar door is old and leaky, maintaining a healthy basement environment becomes more difficult.  Water and moisture may enter through small cracks or compromised joints and mechanisms.  This could lead to mold and mildew and air that is not healthy to breathe and may not be helped by a dehumidifier alone.

Bulkhead replacement is another key piece of whole basement health and we are happy to provide this service.  Today, we want to encourage you think about or make an appointment for a bulkhead replacement if your bulkhead needs to be replaced.  Around mid-November the ground may be freezing and/or frozen and you may have to wait until next Spring (a very busy time for bulkhead replacements).  We cannot replace bulkhead cellar doors during the winter due to ground freeze.   Hurry and let us replace your bulkhead with a new Bilco bulkhead (see video below).



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