The Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems and How to Identify Them

Jul 10, 2023

Your home’s foundation is responsible for providing your house with a strong, sturdy base. However, over time, foundation problems can occur, compromising the stability and safety of your home. In this blog post from Rescon Basement Solutions, we’ll discuss some of the most common foundation problems, as well as how to identify them, to help you take timely action and protect your home.

Common Foundation Problems

The New England area is full of older homes with old foundations. While these homes may be charming, homeowners tend to inherit a lot of foundation problems that they aren’t sure how to solve. Luckily, Rescon Basement Solutions can provide quality solutions for your foundation issues. We’ve seen a number of these common signs of foundation problems before, and we have the experience to solve these foundation headaches for you. 

Cracks in Your Walls, Floors, or Ceilings

One of the most common indicators of foundation problems is the appearance of cracks in multiple areas throughout your home. Small, hairline cracks that don’t seem to be growing over time are typically nothing to worry about. These are often harmless and can be a result of natural settling.

The more concerning cracks are vertical or diagonal cracks that often appear in walls, especially near windows and doors. Additionally, pay attention to cracks in the floor or ceilings. Any large cracks, or cracks that start small but widen over time, should be inspected by a professional to determine if they’re due to foundation issues.

Uneven or Sagging Floors

Foundation problems can cause floors to become uneven or sag in certain areas. You may notice that furniture or appliances no longer sit level, or that doors begin to stick or have difficulty closing properly.

With sagging and uneven floors, you might also notice that the floors feel unstable or you might notice bouncing floors as you walk across a room. Flooring issues are typically due to a shifting or a shifting foundation. 

Doors and Windows that Stick or Don’t Close Properly

Foundation problems can cause shifting and settling, leading to the misalignment of doors and windows throughout your home. When this happens, you may notice, nails popping, doors and windows that no longer fit squarely in their frames, or have difficulty opening and closing smoothly. 

If it is becoming increasingly difficult to open or close multiple doors or windows smoothly, or if they are not latching properly, it may be a sign of underlying foundation issues.

Gaps or Spaces Around Windows and Doors

As a foundation shifts, gaps or spaces may appear around windows and doors. These openings can allow drafts, moisture, or pests to enter your home.

To find any gaps around doors or windows, closely inspect the areas where windows and doors meet the walls, and look for any noticeable separations or widening gaps. If you find any, be sure to contact Rescon Basement Solutions for a thorough inspection. We’ll help determine the best solution to close these gaps and repair the foundation.

Visible Cracks in the Foundation

Inspect the exterior of your house for any visible cracks in the foundation itself. These may be vertical or horizontal cracks, or even appear in a stair-step pattern.

Similar to cracks within the home, small cracks are often nothing to worry about, but large, deep cracks may signal signs of foundation problems.

In addition to cracks, look for signs of crumbling or deteriorating concrete, as these can also indicate foundation problems.

Why Foundation Problems Need to Be Addressed

Your home’s foundation is the support system of your home. If deep vertical cracks go unnoticed it could mean major structural failure for your home, or at the very least, incredibly expensive repairs in the future. Often foundation problems are not because of anything the homeowner did. Severe foundation movement, excess moisture around the property, and drainage issues can cause foundation damage slowly over time.

It’s important to inspect your concrete foundations and basement walls regularly to notice changes in the cracks of your foundation. Not all cracks are a cause for alarm, but when you notice that cracks become deeper and you have more issues around your home with walls and door frames, then you want to call in a reputable basement solutions company to investigate further. 

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