Crawlspace Issues in the Spring and Fall

May 06, 2016

In the Spring and even in the Fall, your crawlspace can become a nightmare if you have a sump pump and even if you don’t.

Due to the rain and the ensuing damp and moisture, the crawlspace begins to harbor humidity and is a great environment for mold and mildew to grow.  The moisture in a crawlspace will migrate up into the whole house eventually and bring with it odors and poor air quality.

A wet or damp crawlspace may lead to costly problems such as cupping of hardwood floors, mold growth, increased air conditioner loads, and swelling of millwork/cabinetry. Air infiltration from the crawl space often carries odors and may contribute to poor indoor air quality and uncomfortably high humidity levels.

Excess moisture in crawl spaces has also been associated with contributing to increased energy consumption.

Wintertime ventilation cools the crawl space contributing to heat loss from the home.

In the summer, introducing warm outside air under the home contributes to heat gains, increasing cooling loads.

Ventilation of a crawl space to control relative humidity only works consistently in an arid climate (think Arizona or Utah). In most climates, ventilation can actually add significant quantities of moisture during humid times. Santa-Fe Products

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