Damp and Musty – Get Rid of Spring Dampness and Musty Smells

May 16, 2016

It’s the Spring-to-Summer season of humidity and dampness.  This time of year basements and crawlspaces begin to feel damp and humid.  You may find this dampness and humidity creating a nasty musty smell.  This musty smell wafts up into your living space.  Experts say that an estimated 40% of the air in your home actually comes up from the basement.  The natural airflow from basement up into the whole home is called the stack effect.  If you have a damp, humid and/or dirty crawlspace, the air quality in your home is greatly diminished.  That musty smell that may now be permeating your air is telling you that there is dampness and water somewhere in your basement or crawlspace.

According to Dr. Harriet Burge, EMLab P&K Chief Aerobiologist and Director of Scientific Advisory Board, musty odors are caused by volatile organic compounds. While mold is a common source for these compounds, they [the odors] can come from other sources.  In order to get rid of the musty smell, it is important that you get rid of any water or moisture in the basement area.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, call Rescon at 800-445-7593 or visit our website. We offer dehumidificationwaterproofing and sump and drainage services.  We are your local basement experts serving NH and MA – Let’s get that basement dry and free from musty smells!