Do not store those things on the basement floor!

Dec 18, 2014

notstoreonfloorA flooded basement is a nightmare for homeowners. The aftermath of a flooded basement is not just water drenched and damaged personal belongings, furniture or appliances and fixtures. Flooding in the basement can cause safety issues that many homeowners don’t even think about.

For this reason, and even if you have a sump pump and backup system, there are a few items that we encourage you to NOT store or place on the basement floor. These items are:

  • gasoline cans – empty or full
  • propane
  • oil
  • cardboard
  • plugged in electrical items
  • paint
  • paint thinner
  • any combustible material that may spill if water causes the container to float and tip over

We recommend that the above mentioned materials and items be stored at least 6 inches or more above the basement floor.  It is a good idea to add shelving into your basement plans.  Having shelving will give you a high and dry place to store items that may pose a danger and of course, keep items dry that are of sentimental value.