Dont let your finished basement become a finished nightmare!

Nov 11, 2011

flooded-basement-repair-resized-600A finished basement is a great place to hang out and have fun. It can also very quickly turn into the biggest disaster you have ever had in your home. All you have to do is “ADD A LITTLE WATER”.

So many homeowners these days are taking advantage of the extra living space they can add to their house just by finishing the basement. The project cost is more affordable than a typical addition and alot easier to accomplish. When you add this together with some of the other significant highlights

  • Energy efficiency aspects due to how little it takes to heat a space that is surrounded by earth and concrete.
  • Great place for the kids to play without sounding as they are about to come through the ceiling.
  • The perfect “Man Cave” to hang out with the guys.

What you have is a fantastic addition to your home until you “ADD A LITTLE WATER”.

WATER is the number one enemy of any finished basement.

What took you weeks or months to create can be destroyed in hours by only a few inches of water. That earth and concrete that keeps in the heat, is now creating a pool for the water to collect and attack your beautiful finished basement. It will never be the same after that. You eventually pump the water out and get things dry, but it’s different now. Its like your basement had a heart attack. Your home survived but will it happen again? Will it be worse? Is there anything I can do?