How Technology Can Help Your Basement Waterproofing Project

Feb 14, 2012

Like any household project, making improvements to your basement usually requires a good amount of homework. Because basements tend to be out of sight from daily living, maintenance can get overlooked until there is an obvious problem like moisture, mildew, or mold.  Homeowners who are not aware of the options available for keeping it dry or waterproofed might feel overwhelmed by the ideas of drainage, sealing, sump pumps, and basement waterproofing.

If you are thinking about hiring a professional to make improvements to your homes basement, the technology around today will help make the process much more manageable. Here are some ways today’s technological tools can help during what can be an otherwise challenging task.

Start online.  Use Google, Yahoo, or another search engine to read articles and blogs written by basement waterproofing professionals. Go to the websites of companies in your area that perform this type of service to get an idea of who you can contact to help.

Make contact.  Fill out the company’s online form or send an email to express an interest in their services. Many companies give you the option to explain the problem you are experiencing right in the form, and there is usually no cost or obligation associated with asking questions and getting an estimate. Someone will contact you to set up a preliminary visit so a professional can evaluate the problem first-hand.

Keep track.  Use an online “cloud” document—like Google Docs—to keep track of who you contacted and when. Include who you spoke with, the date of the evaluation, the suggested solutions, and the cost.  You can easily access and update the document from any computer or from a smart phone.

Understand your options.  Sometimes a simple explanation is all you need to understand what you are purchasing. But when it’s a complex home project you might know little about, photos of past work, videos, or diagrams of the systems can help you to visualize how it will look and work in your home so you know what to expect.  The visiting professional may use a tablet computer or iPad, which are great tools for displaying this type of information while he is in your home. You will be armed with knowledge so you can make an informed decision.

Get an instant estimate.  No one likes waiting for days to hear back about how much his project is going to cost.  Laptops, tablets, and estimating software can help receive a quote on the spot so you know what each solution will cost before the professional leaves your home.  That way you can start evaluating your options right away.

Your dry-basement solution could be closer and less overwhelming than you think.  With the many ways technology can help you understand what’s available before you make a purchase, and with a professional who takes educating the consumer seriously, you will feel empowered to make an investment that really pays off.