It’s Basement Photo Friday – When Stains on the Floor are Great to Have

Jan 23, 2015

Choosing the flooring that you want in your finished basement can be a dilemma.  Because the basement environment can be damp and humid, and hydrostatic pressure will be present,  flooring choices should always be made based on the durability and ability of the materials to  withstand environmental conditions.

“Installing” a concrete floor in a finished basement is an option that homeowners don’t often think about.  Concrete flooring can be stained with any color and in any pattern that you like.  When prepared and finished correctly, with basement environmental considerations taken into account, concrete flooring is a beautiful and lasting flooring option.  As you see below, concrete flooring is no longer like your Grandma’s garage floor.  It’s come a long way!

Jeff Donius-Premier Veneers-Chicago
Created by Jeff Donius at Premier Veneers of Chicago, IL


Created by Colorado Concrete Repair of Denver, CO

Beginning next week, we will explore different types of basement sub-flooring; be sure to come back.