Melting Snow – Possible Humidity and Water in the Basement

Dec 01, 2014

We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.

For those of us in New Hampshire, it was quite a challenge as over 200,000 people were without power due to the storm. Many in Massachusetts were also without power. Hopefully, the holidays were not too badly impacted by the lack of power.

Battery Back-Ups:  Did you know, we have battery back-up systems for our sump pump and drainage systems.  If you don’t have a back-up, call us and we can schedule a time to get one set-up.  Visit our Q&A for more information on battery back-up systems.

Now that sun is out and melting all of the snow, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your basement and the humidity levels in your basement. The weather is due to change again during the week and your basement may not get a chance to dry. High moisture levels in the air can lead to an increase in allergen levels, mold/mildew growth, pest activity and may even cause permanent damage to your home and personal belongings.

We carry only the best large capacity, energy efficient dehumidifers that are commercial grade. If you find that your basement may be in need of a dehumidification system, please call us so we can get you setup.