New Remodeling Survey

Jun 27, 2016

The 2016 Houzz & Home survey results are in!

Houzz asked 120,000 Houzzers about their renovation projects. Some of the results were a bit surprising.  For example, owners who started with no initial budget actually spent less, by about $8,000, than those who had a budget and stuck with it. Those who exceeded their budgets actually spent twice as much as people who didn’t even have a budget.

It was interesting to see that what prompted people to actually start their renovation was time; they finally had the time to renovate.

Another interesting finding that came out of this survey is the fact that rather than focus on chic, flashy and high-end, stylish upgrades, most homeowners focused on the things that were truly important; they took care of the guts of the home, as it were.

These types of investments are often the more (emotionally) difficult ones to pay for and it’s easy to understand why.  You can’t get true gratification from a water treatment system, even if it does provide you with clean and potable water.  You don’t do much or have fun with a new roof and while we know electricity is important, there is little joy or satisfaction looking at new wires or junction boxes.  The truth is, spending money on the sexier items such as a new oven or floor-to-ceiling folding windows is easier.

As you can see, basement waterproofing is on the list below.  If you want your whole home to be healthy and dry, it is imperative that your basement issues are addressed.  We are happy to see waterproofing on the list!

The basement makes the list of top interior remodeling projects for 2015-2016.  Creating a living space in your basement is a great way to add needed space if you cannot add an addition and also, remodeling or finishing the basement tends to be less of an expense compared to the cost of an addition.


Read the Full Survey Here