Picture this! Basement Inspections using your images – Basement water, mold, and other basement problems.

Feb 17, 2014

cameraTake a picture of your basement and we will evaluate

Have you ever had an issue and wished you could get an immediate consultation for that issue?  There are a few situations that come to mind where taking an image and sending it off to a specialist would be very helpful.  When homeowners discover water in their basements, they tend to panic about the water and begin to search for a basement contractor.  When water is in the basement, homeowners do not want to wait days for an appointment to have a basement evaluation.

At Rescon Basement Solutions, we have come up with a way for homeowners to have a preliminary basement inspection when they first discover a water problem in the basement.  With all the snow that has blanketed us here in New England, the Spring thaw and rains could cause severe basement water problems.   We are happy to let homeowners know our Preliminary Basement Inspection via Upload service is free and is now available.

Whether you have water seeping in your basement or believe you have found mildew or mold, we can provide you with an initial basement inspection.  Just snap an image of the basement problem and we will look at the image(s) and contact you with our findings within 24 hours.

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