Radon Gas – NBC Reports

Feb 29, 2012

NBC Report on Radon Gas

This morning I was on my treadmill in the basement watching the news on NBC. The report that caught my eye, “Is your child breathing radon gas at school?”. At first I was excited to see national attention being given to a problem that is a major health hazard in homes and buildings throughout the country. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment after watching the general lack of interest public officials have in addressing this problem. We all need to take action and check for ourselves.


The first thing you can do is figure out if your in a high risk zone. The map below outlines the various Zones across the country. If you live in Zone1 or Zone2 and you haven’t had a Radon Test in over two years, get your home tested.


A DIY Radon Test Kit is only $30 and can provide you with tremendous piece of mind knowing your home is safe. If you do find elevated levels that require you to take further action. The solution is simple.

Installing a radon mitigation system that will properly vent the radon gas before entering your home. These systems will reduce, if not eliminate, the radon gas.
With an average installation price of between $1,000-$2,000 depending on options. The entire process, from testing to fixing, is very affordable.

As a company that operates in Southern NH and Northern MA, primarily Zone 1, we are always thinking about radon gas.

From the basement waterproofing systems that we design and install to the finished basement spaces we create, Rescon Basement Solutions designs with radon gas in mind.




Purchase your Radon Test Kit and make your home safer today