The Cost of Drought

Jul 18, 2012

The drought is impacting more than 50% of the states across the country.

Soon the cost impact will extend to 100% of the states. Anyone who watches the national news hears everyday about the impact this is having on farmers, especially farmers who rely on corn crops. The lack of corn crops will soon be hitting the shelves of grocery stores across America. No one will be able to escape the pain of this drought. Corn has found its way into almost every facet of our lives. Products we all use everyday rely heavily on corn crops. Feed for livestock, ethanol in gas and most notably high fructose corn syrup in our food. On a side note, I personally think if food manufacturers are forced to move back to natural sugar that will be one of the positive impacts from this drought. Unfortunately it is more likely we will see increased food prices to cover the higher cost of corn.

As you can imagine the drought is also devastating the basement waterproofing industry. Basement companies are struggling to stay afloat as they watch sales dry up and profits evaporate. Many companies in the basement waterproofing industry are hanging on by their fingertips trying to weather the storm.

When you combine the drought with the past 4 years of economic recession in the home improvement/construction market the situation for many companies has become critical. These economic and weather related problems are then amplified when the few projects that are put out for bid have there prices driven into the ground by desperate companies willing to do work for free.

Under the current conditions there is no real end to this downward spiral. Unlike the farmers, there will be no Government subsidies or Federal bailout money earmarked for the basement waterproofing industry. Some companies will go out of business others will become insolvent and a select few will survive. In the end, just like the corn industry, consumers will pay the price. Whether it be in warranties that are no longer backed because the company is out of business or increased prices from companies trying to recoup years of losses and protect against an uncertain future.

It is hard to put a finger on who will be most impacted by this amazing drought. One thing is for certain, this drought will be expensive for everyone! Not just corn farmers and basement waterproofing companies.

There is nothing we can do but watch the weather and hope for rain.