The sump pump pit liner – How does a sump pump pit liner work?

Oct 08, 2011

In this article we will look at the sump pit liner and its role in how a sump pump works.

The sump pump pit liner is essentially the home for the sump pump. The importance of sump pump pit liners is often overlooked when contractors install a basement sump pump system.

Sump Pump Pit Liner – the 5 gallon bucket method

Many sump pump pit liners are just 5 gallon buckets with some holes drilled in the sides or an open hole in the floor with a pump thrown in.

Called an “Open Channel Sump Pump”, this approach to installing a sump pump pit liner is very common but not ideal and can be dangerous even.

A 5 gallon bucket used as a sump pump pit liner is not a best practice, even though the use of the 5 gallon bucket method does ultimately pump water out of the basement.  The 5 gallon bucket or open hole approach is not the best, nor it is the right, solution.


The Four Main Components of an Ideal Sump Pit Liner

A good sump pit liner has four main components. These components are a sealed lid, pump stand, erosion control and large holes.

Sealed Lid – Sump Pit Liner ComponentSump Pit Liner

  • Nothing can fall in and clog the pump
  • Prevents soil gases from entering the basement
  • General safety – People & Pets
  • Looks better

Pump Stand – Sump Pit Liner Component

  • Raises the pump of the bottom of the sump pump pit liner to protect against any debris that may enter.

Erosion Control – Sump Pit Liner Component

  • Solid sides (No Holes) against the foundation
  • Not too deep, deeper is not better
  • These two items can lead to soil erosion under the foundation walls and floor if not incorporated into the sump pump pit liner

Large Holes – Sump Pit Liner Component

  • Larger holes allows water to flow to the sump pump faster
  • Larger holes do not get clogged
  • Small holes reduce flow and makes the sump pump wait for the water to fill up before it can pump. Also known as short cycling

There are a handful of companies that install a sump pump pit liner that incorporates all of the four features of an ideal sump pump pit liner. Make sure you select a company that understands interior basement drainage systems and uses a line of basement water control products that will get the job done right the first time. Rely on Rescon for your basement repairs.