We’re Getting LinkedIn!

Dec 09, 2011

LinkedIn-resized-600The social media movement is affecting all of us, some far more than others. As for anyone who thinks it has not, if your reading this blog your part of the social media movement. Most people have accepted social media and found a way to integrate it into their life in a healthy productive way. (I laugh every time I read that sentence, all I can think about are those ridiculous posts you see on twitter)

Anyhow, as someone responsible for navigating social media waters for a company, the movement has been extremely challenging. Until now

Linked In has started to expand and further develope the company aspects of its platform. Providing companies with pages that explain products, career opportunities, company news and of course the all important “STATUS UPDATES”.

This is exciting!!! Soon there will be no more need to worry about the company post for some new product showing up in a Facebook fan’s stream between “Grandma’s Birthday Wishes” and “How proud everyone is that little Johhny is potty trained”. It just never seemed right.

However, we do need followers. It would be fantastic if all of our Facebook fan’s become LinkedIn follower’s. If you get a chance, click on the link below and become a follower.

So eventually we can stop competing with Grandma and Johnny. They deserve your uninterrupted attention.



Have a great holiday season