What is a French Drain?

Nov 24, 2020

French DrainIn the Northeast, we experience seasons of heavy rainfall and high humidity, making proper water management a must. Even with a high-performance gutter system on your home, you may notice places in your yard where water pools, damaging your landscaping. This is even worse if pooling occurs near the walls of your home, as it may result in damage to your foundation. If you’ve researched ways to better manage water on your property, you’ve likely seen that French drains are a popular option. But what exactly is a French drain?

Simply put, French drains are underground water management systems designed to divert excess water toward a designated area, such as a storm drain. It is installed by digging a trench and laying a perforated drain pipe that water can easily seep into. Then, the trench is filled with a porous material, such as gravel. During heavy rainfall, instead of pooling, water flows into the drain pipe and away from the home.

Beyond preventing pooling water that can damage your home and landscaping, installing a French drain can also stop mold and mildew growth and prevent pooling water from becoming a breeding ground for insects around your home.

Where to Turn for a French Drain

To provide effective rainwater management, French drains must be installed correctly, and you can “Rely on Rescon” to do exactly that. Rescon Basement Solutions has been providing exterior drainage systems since 1996, and has a reputation for using only top-tier materials and methods. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your home to determine the best placement for your French drain and install it using advanced equipment to prevent damage to your landscaping.

What is a French drain? When you partner with Rescon Basement Solutions, it’s the best way to prevent flooding and other common water-related problems with your home’s exterior. Contact us today to learn more.