What Type of Foundation Does your Home Have? Basement Photo Friday

Nov 13, 2015


When homeowners call us for their basement waterproofing or finishing and remodeling needs, one of our questions is about the type of foundation that the home has.  It’s not uncommon for this question to completely take the homeowner by surprise.  As you read this post, do you know what type of foundation your home has?  Most of us know the type of siding we have and maybe the architectural style and design of the house but seldom, if ever, do we even think about the foundation.

The foundation of a home can be a contributing factor to the level of moisture, humidity and even the chance for flooding, in the basement or crawlspace.  When remodeling or finishing a basement space, the foundation type may play a role in how to construct and install the finished components.

So, what type of foundation is your home built on?