What’s Covered? Snow, Rain and Sleet in the Forecast – Again

Feb 20, 2015

Are you covered?insurance

Throughout New England, more snow and even sleet, freezing rain and rain are in the forecast for this weekend. We agree, enough already.

If you have not done so, it’s time to get that snow off the roof and clear away those ice dams. When the rain falls, it will cause the snow to be heavier and that will further jeopardize the integrity of your roof.  Don’t forget to clear away the snow from your home’s foundation; snow melt could cause water to leak into the basement.

Now is also a good time to get that homeowner’s insurance policy out and comb through it. Most homeowner’s insurance policies only cover damage from water that occurs to the structure, interior walls, ceilings and other “bare bones” areas and fixtures of the home. Seldom are appliances or furniture covered when they have been damaged due to water leaks.

Unfortunately, sump pumps are seldom covered under a typical homeowner’s policy either.  In most cases, a standard homeowners insurance policy does not provide coverage for water damage caused by sump pump failure. 

Be sure to contact your insurance agent if you have any questions and also, be sure to get the coverage that you need!

Here’s looking forward to Spring!
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