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Sump Pump Burlington MAWhether you’re a homeowner, property manager, or real estate professional in the Burlington, Massachusetts, area, you’ve likely had to deal with basement flooding. This may be due to heavy seasonal rains or water seepage. No matter what the reason, flooding can have potentially devastating effects, causing extensive damage as well as mold growth. At Rescon Basement Solutions, we are proud to offer a range of effective solutions to address basement flooding, including sump pump installation.

About Our Sump Pump Installation Services

A sump, also called a basin, is a pit where excess water is collected during a flood. Rather than spreading out across your basement, where it can damage support structures and belongings, water is diverted into the sump where it can be harmlessly pumped out and away from your property via a sump pump. Many factors impact how effective a sump pump will be, including the quality of the sump pump, the installation, and the basin.

At Rescon Basement Solutions, we utilize only the finest products an installation methods, helping to maintain dry, beautiful, and healthy basements for our customers. For example, we use:

  • High-performance basin liners with nearly airtight covers, permanent mesh filters, and dehumidifier drain plugs, preventing issues such as clogging
  • State-of-the-art sump pumps capable of diverting more water faster and more efficiently than other models on the market
  • Advanced sump pump installation methods, including precision cutting technology, to protect your foundation and ensure your new sump pump operates at peak efficiency.

All of our sump pump installations are completed by our own team of trained, full-time specialists—not subcontractors—whose work we back with a one-year warranty. And, we offer an annual sump pump maintenance program, which will ensure your equipment will continue to keep your basement dry long into the future.

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To learn more about why you should trust Rescon Basement Solutions with the sump pump installation in your commercial or residential property in Burlington, MA, contact us today.

“I have been a Rescon customer for 3 years. From day one they have been great. From the initial call, to the friendly staff, to the clean and efficient work, everything is top motch. Typically, I have only needed them for yearly maintenance, but recently we had a major storm and my pump stopped running. I contacted them through their website, recieved a call shortly after, and an after-hours tech was dispatched. Their prompt follow up saved me from a flooded basement and the destruction of personal property. Short answer, these guys are great!”

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“Today is the final day of our basement refinishing project with RESCON and we couldn't be happier with the entire experience! From our initial request for an estimate, through to the finish, Rescon has been, by far, the best company we have worked with in our 34 years of home ownership! We highly recommend Rescon Basement Solutions.”

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