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Since 1996, Rescon Basement Solutions has been the basement waterproofing company that homeowners in Hooksett and throughout southern New Hampshire have trusted most to address problems with their basements.

We understand the unfinished and finished basement issues that homeowners in the area commonly face, and we utilize only the most advanced products and methods to solve them. When you contact us, we’ll begin your project by providing a free, no-obligation basement evaluation, allowing our team of experts to make tailored recommendations. We can provide lasting solutions to any of the following problems:

Basement Water & Moisture

When you live in Hooksett, you know that seasonal flooding or water seeping into basements is a very common occurrence. Over the years, we have taken the time to fine tune our processes to ensure we always do an amazing job. In addition, we have the most trained professionals in the area to provide Hooksett residents with a solution to their basement water and moisture problems.
Some of the services we provide are:

Crawl Space Solutions

If you went around and checked the crawl spaces of Hooksett residents, you would most likely find many of them to be unfinished. Left unfinished, a crawl space can quickly become a health hazard for members of the home. This is why we offer a number of services to keep your crawl space well maintained and efficient.

Basement Dehumidifier

Typically for basements in the Hooksett area you will find a humidity level above 60%. When humidity levels get that high, a wet basement can lead to serious issues. High levels of humidity conditions can promote:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria Growth

When things like mold and mildew are in your basement, it can cause:

  • Allergies
  • Musty Odors
  • Dust Mites
  • Numerous Other Problems

Sump Pumps

Rescon takes sump pumps to the next level; it’s that simple. Our sump pump systems utilize a premium sump liner with Pro-Series Pumps. These are two of the best performing sump pump products money can buy. These sump pump systems are able to give clients a system that outperforms traditional sump pumps in basements. Like all of our services, we only utilize the highest quality basement materials and match it with the most highly trained staff.

Our sump pump services include:

Bulkhead Doors & Egress Windows

Outdated or damaged bulkhead doors and egress windows can result in poor energy efficiency, water leaks, and other problems. Unlike most basement waterproofing companies, we install only premium products using advanced cutting technology to ensure a weather-tight seal and long-lasting protection for your basement.

Bulkhead Door Installation

Even the industry’s best bulkhead doors won’t perform as expected if not properly installed. That is why, at Rescon Basement Solutions, we take advantage of our decades of experience to provide a truly seamless bulkhead door installation experience. With every door installed by our own team of factory trained professionals, not subcontractors

Egress Window Well Installation

Rescon Basement Solutions is quickly becoming New England’s largest installer of basement egress window wells. Our team of Bilco Certified Installers delivers superior quality, exceptional service and tremendous value to all our customers.

Precast Concrete Entry

If you want a premium precast concrete entry on your property, then you are going to need a company with experience. Our team offers the highest craftsmanship out of any of the local companies which also offer this service.

Bulkhead Stair Installation

A bulkhead stair installation can be a large undertaking. When it comes to things as important as the safety and quality of your home, it should always be a priority. Ensure that your home is being taken care of the right way by utilizing our bulkhead stair installation services.

Structural Repairs

If you’ve finally gotten your basement flooding or water seepage problem under control, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief. After all, such problems aren’t to be taken lightly, as they can cause serious structural problems as well as mold and mildew growth that can negatively affect the health of your family. However, just because the problems have abated doesn’t mean the work is done. Routine basement maintenance is an important part of ensuring your basement remains dry and healthy. Fortunately, you can rely on Rescon Basement Solutions to handle your maintenance needs with the utmost skill and precision.

Some of our more popular structural repairs include:

Foundation Repair

Large cracks in your basement floor shouldn’t be ignored as they can continue to grow and cause more damage. Rescon Basement Solutions will provide a comprehensive evaluation. If we determine that there’s an issue with your foundation, we’ll use advanced injection equipment to completely seal cracks and address any structural problems, effectively restoring the strength of your foundation. This gives you the confidence in your home’s structure that you have always wanted.

Foundation Stabilization

You get your car repairs and you update your electronics, so shouldn’t that same logic apply to your home? If you want to be certain that your home is safe and secure for years to come, having your foundation stabilized is a great option. Regain the feeling of confidence that you have always wanted in your home’s foundation.

Vertical Foundation Wall Crack

A vertical crack in your foundation is a serious problem that can get much worse fast. Unlike some home damages, which are merely cosmetic, a crack in your foundation can pose serious risk. If you have noticed a crack in the wall of your foundation, get in contact with us today.

Commercial Waterproofing

Whether it’s for an apartment complex, condominium, or office building, proper waterproofing is essential to preventing long-term costly problems from arising.
As your commercial waterproofing company, Rescon Basement Solutions can address a wide array of problems with the exterior of your property. For example, we can provide everything from crawl space remediation and humidity control to foundation repair for commercial properties that require it. However, the most common services we provide include:

Emergency Services

One of the major benefits of being a Rescon Basement Solutions client is access to our after-hours Emergency Service. This service is limited to Rescon clients ONLY and not offered to the general public. By limiting our Emergency Services to ONLY our clients, it provides you with the confidence to “Rely on Rescon” when you need us the most.

Moisture Control

High humidity levels in your basement don’t just make it an unpleasant place to spend time. It can lead to mold and mildew growth, which is a potential health risk. Rescon Basement Solutions can address this common problem by installing a high-performance basement dehumidifier. Our systems aren’t like those you’ll find at retailers, as they’re specifically designed to keep large spaces dry and comfortable.

Get Started on Your Project

If you are ready to experience what working with the best waterproofing contractors in the business is like, don’t wait to address problems with your basement. Contact the experts at Rescon Basement Solutions today for a free basement evaluation and estimate. We’re proud to be the leading basement waterproofing company serving homeowners and business owners in the Burlington, MA, area.

In addition to delivering comprehensive solutions, we also have a reputation for providing industry-leading service. You can count on us to show up on time, provide honest recommendations, and do exactly what we say we will. What’s more, all of our services are performed by our own team of highly trained technicians—not subcontractors—to ensure our high standards for quality workmanship are met.

To learn more about what makes Rescon Basement Solutions the most trusted basement waterproofing and repair company serving Hooksett, NH, and the surrounding areas, contact us today.


“I have been a Rescon customer for 3 years. From day one they have been great. From the initial call, to the friendly staff, to the clean and efficient work, everything is top motch. Typically, I have only needed them for yearly maintenance, but recently we had a major storm and my pump stopped running. I contacted them through their website, recieved a call shortly after, and an after-hours tech was dispatched. Their prompt follow up saved me from a flooded basement and the destruction of personal property. Short answer, these guys are great!”

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